A child theme for the free UnderStrap framework so you can build a high quality blog style WordPress site.

The built in Kirki Customizer Framework Options framework makes it easy to change styles in the theme without coding. This can be easily disabled if not needed.

If you are a developer then this starter theme will save you hours of development time fast forwarding your project closer to completion.

The OverStrap starter themes are built for speed like UnderStrap itself. Website speed is crucial for usability and SEO.

Whats included with the theme?

You get the OverStrap: Blog child theme ready to edit. When you install the theme onto your WordPress site for the first time it will fetch the latest version of UnderStrap from WordPress.org.

A copy of UnderStrap is included in the ZIP file just in case WordPress.org cannot provide you one or you are developing locally with no internet access.

You also get the dummy content from the demo if you wish to inflate the site quickly for editing rather than adding your own content.

OverStrap: Blog theme features:

  • A lightweight slider
  • Responsive design for all screen sizes
  • Customisation through the WordPress “Customise” back end system (optional)

What is UnderStrap?

UnderStrap is the amazing free WordPress+Bootstrap 4 framework used by hundreds of thousands of developers worldwide.

What is OverStrap?

OverStrap is a collection of starter themes created by the people behind UnderStrap. It follows the same principles of being lightweight and fast loading as the framework but adds another layer of additional styling and options.

OverStrap starter themes are great for developers and amateurs who want to take advantage of UnderStrap while fast forwarding development.